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Gedankensplitter Intensivsprachwoche 4. Kl.

Review of the English Intensive Language Week

What pupils wrote about this week:
What I liked most were the teachers. They were so funny and nice, you could even think they were our friends. They balanced perfectly between fun and labour. (Erwin)
I have never talked English so much than in this week. I liked the games best because they were very funny. It was an interesting week and we learned a lot – but best of all: we didn’t have to do any troublesome homework! (Stefan)
Melanie:  The funniest games ever!  Have never talked so much English before!  Oh, how I laughed with our trainers!
Nina: Great and fantastic week! Would do it instantly/right away once again! Funny theatre and friendly teachers! Thanks for this great English week!
Alena: Funny! Great teachers! Would do it once again! Having fun means learning better!
Christopher: we performed games, we drew, dreamt, ate, thought, wrote, ….- it was completely different from regular lessons!
Carina: Gangnam style!!!! We danced to this rap! Awesome!
Rebecca: Melanie, Mona, Miriam and I composed the song „Candy-girl“. This was really funny, I liked that most!
Lisa: cool week, lots of information, great plays!
Unknown: Jerome, Gary, Jeff and Jerome – you’re always in my mind! It was the best week I’ve ever had. I have never spoken more English!
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